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"By definition, you have to live life until you die. Better to make that life as complete and enjoyable as possible, in case death is shite, which I suspect it will be." NSFW

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This is a place we all dread and desire to be


There are less than 400 Sumatran Tigers in existence. Unfortunately most of the world is unaware of this frightening fact. Without action, the species will completely disappear. To spread the message of the Tiger’s vulnerability, we’ve created a song that will also go extinct unless it’s reproduced. These custom lathe-cut records are made from polycarbonate plastic, which means it will degrade after a certain amount of plays, causing the song to eventually disappear and go extinct. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, in collaboration with  us, have made only 400 records of this unreleased song. There are no other copies in existence. Tigers are dwindling every year. Social influence and conservation action could actually help save a species. Visit and to find out more. #EndangeredSong #SumatranTiger #EarthDay

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Oksana Akinshina


 i-D, December 1996
Amber Valletta by Juergen Teller

I am digging the austerity of this right now


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I like the scuff marks on the table